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SAD Lamp Ideas

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) can be defined as a type of mental disorder in which a patient suffers in the months of winter and autumn. SAD lamps are used to treat this condition. Depending on the condition of the disease, SAD lamps may be used as a single drug or together with other SAD medications.

If you want to buy an SAD lamp, use the following tips to make the perfect choice:

LED or conventional SAD lamps

The experts discussed the effectiveness of conventional and LED lamps in relation to SAD. However, it has been found that both are equally effective. However, make sure that you always buy the original SAD lamps and not a copy of the original. While the duplicate products are not harmful, they can not produce the proper light needed to treat SAD. It is therefore strongly recommended that you buy SAD bulbs after you have thoroughly investigated the brand.

Can a Dawn Simulator be used to treat SAD?

Dawn simulators may be helpful in treating some symptoms of SAD, but are generally not recommended for the treatment of SAD. Dawn simulators boost sleep and allow you to wake up in time. However, the inability to wake up in time is just one symptom of SAD. You can purchase both a dawn simulator and an SAD lamp to speed up the treatment.

Use the tips above to make sure you can buy an ideal SAD lamp to treat SAD.

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