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Seiko is a well-respected Japanese brand known to have launched unique timepieces over the centuries. For a long time, however, most of the watch collections it introduced were intended for the Japanese domestic market.

Features of the Ananta collection

Launched by Seiko, this watch collection houses a distinctive spring-driven chronograph and other functions. Today the watches in this collection are available on the domestic market. There are also several different watch models in this collection, which are listed below so that you can preview and see the details.

This watch from the Seiko Ananta collection has three sub-dials and a tachymeter on the outer dial. The watch has a nice steel design with screwed buttons on the side.

This watch is a gray-tinted stainless steel specimen from the Seiko Ananta collection. It has an alarm sub-function and sub-dials that also display the minutes and seconds.

This particular model of the Seiko Ananta watch series offers a leather strap instead of the usual steel strap. This gives the Ananta watch model a nice and polite look.

The stop buttons on the sides of the watch case of this Seiko Ananta watch are clearly visible. The case and design reinforced with steel are made exclusively by a leather strap.

This Japanese watch design by Seiko features razor-sharp hands on a black dial surrounded by a hard-coated steel bezel. The watch shows a leather strap.

This Seiko Ananta watch is a lovely design in black. The dial has square sub-dials and a tachymeter is located on the rotating bezel made of shiny steel with red hands.

The Seiko Ananta watch watch case shown above is of considerable thickness that serves as a reinforcing base for the watch. There are various sub-dials with different functions on the dial.

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