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Seiko is known for the various timepieces it makes. There are different watch series with characteristic functions. You are sure to find each of these watch collections that appeal to you in a unique way.

A collection that is unique

If you think you’ve seen all of the Seiko branded watch ranges, you may not have seen the watches sold as the Seiko Brightz Collection. These watches are simply designed, but have flawless chronograph movements. They are equipped with crystal clear glass cases. You will surely find the pictures of these watches appealing.

This is a classic watch design from the Seiko Brightz collection. You can find these watches with automatic movements. This watch is a simple but elegant example.

This Seiko Brightz watch has a crystal clear glass case that highlights the dark dial as well as the luminous hour hands and markers. There is a bezel etched into the time zone on the outer case of the watch.

This Seiko Brightz watch has interesting features. The radio waves control the movement of this watch. It’s an eco-friendly design as it is powered by solar technology.

Most Seiko Brightz watches are powered by solar technology. As can be seen in the above model, the radio waves help control the movement of the watch and its accuracy.

This model of the Seiko Brightz watch series features a unique green dial with three different movements as sub-dials on the dial of the watch. It’s a tribute to the Star Wars series.

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