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Seiko is known for the distinctive selection of diving watches it makes. The racket technology is part of this special watch series for divers. This watch series was first brought onto the market in the sixties. The watches were not only made waterproof and sturdy, but also made affordable by the masses.

Different models of the Seiko diving collection

If you want to check out the different watch models in the diving collection, several watches from this series are shown here. The specifics of each model can be checked using the following images.

This diving watch from Seiko shows the date of the month in the date window and has a rotating bezel, a rubber strap on the back and a water resistance of 200 meters.

This diving watch from Seiko features a black and red bezel that makes it distinctive. The other common features like rubber strap and steel case are also present in the watch.

This Seiko diving watch has a pretty blue dial and luminous markers. The hour hands and markers are white and luminous for easy reading of the time underwater.

The robust cases of Seiko’s diving watches are delivered with a robust watch case as shown above. The reinforced bezel makes it resistant to water and other harsh conditions.

The diving watches from Seiko, as seen in the model above, have a high level of water resistance. This watch has a water resistance of 200 meters, making it ideal for deep sea diving.

The outer minute dial of this Seiko watch is highlighted in blue and red. The black dial highlights the hour hands and the rubber strap makes the watch versatile.

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