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With any watch brand geared towards the military personnel and enthusiasts of such a lifestyle, expect Seiko to offer a range of watches that offer different military designs and inspirations. Seiko is a Japanese brand that offers elite watches and various watches for men and women.

Features of Seiko military watches

If you look at the design of the military watches of this brand, they have the distinct olive green hue on the bracelet or dial, which makes them a perfect accessory to the military uniform. There are also many features and functions of such watches.

This Seiko watch features a simple watch design with the olive green nylon strap which is waterproof. The watch case also has water resistance features.

Here you can see the three different watch styles from Seiko that fall into the military watch range. These clocks feature different dials with the same pattern of hour hands and markers.

In this Seiko military watch design, you can see the 24-hour format on the dial and the date and day window on the dial, along with a black nylon strap.

This particular watch has a beige dial and matching nylon strap in the same color. The time on the watch face is displayed in hours and minutes along with a date window.

This picture shows the standard Seiko military watch design from all possible angles. The watch has a dark black dial and a date window.

This Seiko military watch design features a dark gray look with a nylon strap and a dial in the same shade. There are chronograph functions on the dial.

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