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Shaker Furniture

Shaker furniture in classic American design. These enliven the living room with its design. However, care must be taken that they last for a long time. You can use a wax or oil finish. The oil finish is based on turpentine and flaxseed and gives your shaker furniture an excellent finish. For a clear, lasting finish, consider applying paste wax, a blend of softer waxes and Brazilian carnauba wax. The application of waxes not only makes the furniture waterproof, but also enhances the beauty of the wood.

If anything gets spilled on the Shaker's furniture, you must wipe it off immediately to avoid staining the wood. Alcohol acts as a wax solvent and must therefore be cleaned immediately if spilled. The use of coasters is recommended. With warm water, the table can be cleaned with mild soap. Wipe the surface dry after cleaning. Instead of furniture polish lemon oil can also be used to preserve the beauty of your furniture surface.

If the furniture looks dull, you can restore the natural surface with polish and wax. The generous use of oil finish extends the life of your furniture. Be sure to wipe off any traces, if any, after applying the oil finish. Follow proper care. Apply oil end once a week or in a few months. Regular care can work wonders for your furniture.

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