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Sheer Curtains Ideas

Sewing your own curtains is important as it gives you the opportunity to create something that fits perfectly with your home decor and your favorite style. In addition, it is important to know that through the transparent curtains your room always looks glamorous.

Measure the height of your window from the point where the curtain rail is at the bottom of the window. The height of the curtain depends entirely on the length you are interested in. The filling of the curtain is also a matter of taste. You can determine the exact fill by measuring the entire length of the curtain rod and then multiplying by two and remember to consider your curtain seams.

Curtains require panels, so divide the width of your window into two parts to determine the exact length of each panel. buy the required material and the thread suitable for the material. Place the material on a flat surface, measure the length for each plate, and carefully cut it out.

Sew side seams down and then squeeze them with an iron that is a little warm. Then fold the underside of the individual panels and press down with a warm iron. At the end of this process remains the required extent of the curtain rod. At this point you can make the sleeve for the curtain rod.

The last step is to remove wrinkles on the transparent curtains with a hot iron. Be careful not to burn the curtain.

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