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Sofa Cushions

Throughout our living room we have a sofa where we all sit, while we eat, chat with friends or even relax. Sofa cushions are key things in our sofa that make a seat more comfortable. There are several factors that make a sofa cushion functional and comfortable. Factors that affect seating comfort include moisture retention, impaired stability, heat accumulation, and heat loss.

types of sofa cushions

Sponge rubber, these are usually known as expensive parts in a couch and you have to replace them regularly. The foam cushion is flexible, elastic and easy to handle to obtain the desired shape in complex upholstery design and style. Foam seat cushions are often wrapped in polyester fiber for a softer feel and reduced wear. The price of the foam depends on the density of the foam.

Fiber and feathers, most modern upholstered furniture contain feather or fiber to improve comfort. This material needs to be heavily padded to maintain its shape. You can restore this cushion to get a new look by smoothing out wrinkles to prevent premature tissue deterioration.

Tips to remember

Down pillows are the best when you need a soft seat. These are top notch choices, although they are not expensive. Good quality pillows have strong durable materials under upholstery fabric. Pillows need to be serviced daily for the best performance.

There are other fillings on the market today. Be careful what fillings it needs to achieve the softness and comfort of fiber-filled pillows. There are cushions that are designed for indoor and outdoor use and are called seat cushions. These sofa cushions are made from a fabric that resists stains, mold and color fading.


The pillows are usually adjusted to fit in any chair. Therefore, it is important to make an accurate measurement of the area and the filling before ordering your furniture. There are several shades to choose from to harmonize the existing decor in your living room. Always maintain your sofa cushion by keeping it clean and in great condition.

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