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Shoes have always been a necessity. It is obvious that you cannot walk barefoot on the streets. The shoe industry has always managed to make shoes in different styles for every need. As for any other purpose, the past has given us a very different shoe that can be used on the slippery surface of boats and is known as a boat shoe. Among all boat shoes, Sperry Top-Sider was one of the first boat shoes to be introduced to the boat shoe market.

What is a Sperry Top-Sider?

After every innovation there is an inspiring story and behind the innovation of such an incredible boat shoe as Sperry Top-Sider there is such a story. It was Paul A. Sperry, who was a boater who could let his cocker spaniel dog out for his exercise on an ice-laden or much slippery surface.

He watched his dog walk on the slippery surface. The patterns on his paws inspired Sperry to create a shoe in 1935 with the exact same design that could withstand the slippery surface of the deck. Little did he know that his little invention could start a revolution in the shoe industry, and Sperry Top-Sider will one day be a renowned boat shoe brand. Sperry Top-Sider was introduced to the US Naval Academy uniform.

Why Choose Sperry Top-Sider?

Nowadays, the top sider shoe is not just a normal shoe, it has become a well-known fashion icon and is used not only on boats but also in normal life and is now one of the casual shoes. Sperry Top-Sider was named 2009 Title Brand of the Year by Footwear News.

Sperry shoes come in many designs and are made from high quality material that will last a long time. The makers of Sperry Top-Sider have expanded the design and style of their boat shoes, creating shoes that meet the latest trends and people’s needs.

  • Boat shoes offer a wider range of functionality and compatibility. Sperry shoes are the best choice for people who do a lot of work on boats and boat decks. Apart from the fact that boat use is a well-known fashion icon these days, boat shoes are used as excellent informal footwear. These come in attractive colors and designs, making them a popular choice among youth.
  • Sperry boat shoes are known for durability and water resistance. If you take care of them properly, they will last for years.
  • They are also known everywhere for their comfort. They are designed to comfort your feet no matter how long you wear them. They are comparatively softer.
  • With all of these features aside, Sperry shoes come in a variety of designs and attractive looks to suit every fashion and style.
  • Known for their quality and authenticity, Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes are now one of those boat shoes that no other shoe industry can make to take a distinctive place in the boat shoe market

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