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Suede Couch

A suede couch gives the interior a refined feeling. This can only happen if you keep it neat and clean. Regular brushing and cleaning as well as occasional vacuuming can help you with this. If the couch is relatively clean or new, it can be treated with stainblockers that are readily available at local hardware stores. Older beach chairs, which are pretty dirty, would need to be cleaned thoroughly. Follow these simple steps to clean your suede couch.

Use a protective spray

If you treat your suede couch with a protective spray, permanent stains will not settle on the couch. Only a few sprays act as synthetic solvents, while a few are water-based. You must read the manual before using cleanser on your couch. Keep the spray can 20 to 30 cm away from the area to be treated. Treat section by section and apply two to three layers of upholstery or fabric protection. Let it dry for twelve hours.

Remove the pillows every week

By removing the cushions from the couch, you can remove scraps of paper and crumbs that may have accumulated through the cracks. Collect the deposits with a vacuum cleaner or a dust filter. Vacuuming helps remove dander and dust that may have accumulated.

Wipe the pillows with a towel or a suede brush

Remove dirt from the bottom of the pillows by using a suede brush or a terry cloth towel. Replace the pillows once a week or every fifteen days. Turn the pillows to make sure your suede couch is dust-free. Brushing removes dust that makes your couch dull.

Make sure you buy a suede cloth. Rub them on your couch from time to time to keep your couch in good shape. It would hardly take fifteen minutes, depending on the shape of your couch. Brushing and rubbing are essential if you have children and pets on the couch. Follow these simple tips to make sure your suede couch always looks good.

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