Teak wood is a perfect choice for outdoor furniture because of its sheen, color and durability. Teak contains a high proportion of natural oils, which protect the wood from water, insects and weather and ensure a long life of your garden furniture. Teak is a very expensive wood, so make sure the wood you buy is FSC certified to be eco-friendly.

When teak is exposed to the elements of nature, it begins to turn gray. However, if you want to prevent this, you can oil your teak. The oiling can prevent the fading of teak outdoor furniture to some extent.

Teak is a native wood found in many countries of the world. However, the quality differs in terms of color, grain or durability. Teak garden furniture is available in a wide range, including coffee tables, loveseats, chairs, stools, tables and sofa sets. These teak furniture is lazy and weather resistant.

Teak is usually oven-dried before the furniture is made. Terrace furniture and teak furniture is available in five or seven parts. The chairs at the head of the table are with arms, while the chairs at the sides are without arms. A lounge chair or a teak rocking chair looks very elegant. The cushions options for teak furniture can be of any color, as all colors look good with the color of teak.

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