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You can’t just walk to the tennis court in your usual shoes and play a game of tennis. At least that’s not recommended. First, it poses a major health risk and increased risk of injury, and it would cause sheer discomfort and restrict your movements. That’s why you really need tennis shoes. Good doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a brand name. There are many more important things to look out for.

What should be considered when buying a tennis shoe?

Shoes are one thing that requires absolute comfort. You cannot compromise on this factor, whether it is a casual shoe you are looking for or a specific sports shoe. Athletic shoes need to be incredibly comfortable because you don’t just run in them, you run and jump around all the time.

With so many different brands and strains available in a market today, choosing the right pair of tennis shoes can be a little tricky. Some pointers below should help:

Light weight and good grip

Light shoes always offer an advantage for your game performance compared to bulky ones. One simple reason for this is that they allow for quick movements that you can’t really play tennis without, right?

With these intense movements, the chances of you slipping or twisting your ankle increase greatly. A firm grip on the shoes is therefore very important. The sole of the shoe must be made of a high quality material to meet this need.

Flexibility and durability

Another important aspect is flexibility. Try different shoes, run and jump around in them a bit, and you should have a good idea of ​​whether a shoe is flexible enough or not. A simple test could be bending the shoes with your hands, and it should make it possible without too much effort.

Durability is the next factor you want to consider. Agree that the wear and tear of the shoe while playing tennis will inevitably occur due to the strenuous movements. However, this doesn’t mean you would need a new pair every few days. How many people can this afford? Of course, if the shoes are really not in great condition, playing in them for long periods is not recommended and this increases the likelihood of injury / accidents on the pitch.


Your feet need to breathe too. This feature is more important for people who tend to sweat profusely. Constantly sweaty feet can lead to infections that will unnecessarily force you to stay out of place for some time. Sweaty feet can also become very smelly and embarrassing.

Do your research, read some reviews, try on a few different brands, and only then do you choose your tennis shoes as compromising health is not an option.

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