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Redback Boots are Australian work boots that are 100% authentic. The boots are made entirely of full grain leather with a design that is comfortable and safe to use. The making of the Redback Boots was inspired by the hard working people. This has made the design of the boots durable, long-lasting, non-slip and supportive for all day. Redback boots are the ones who provided the Australian Army with the Terra boots they made.

One of the Redback Boots products are the Slip-On Work Boots. These boots offer easy accessibility and convenience due to their protective traditional design. If you only have a limited amount of time these boots are very easy to put on and this will help you keep going. For the hard worker, the boots you use should be hardworking too.

Properties of Redback Boots

The Redback boots have different properties, which in itself made them unique. The first feature is that the Redback Boots have an easy on / off design. This has given the wearer a lot of time with these boots as they can now be easily worn and easily taken off the leg.

The boots are also non-slip. This is made possible by the TPU soles that it features. Resistance was tested on the basis of oil, acid and leather.

The boots are also protected from electrical hazards. This is made possible by the unique automatic brackets on the sole, which prevent stress on the foot and reduce the sagging of the arch of the foot.

These characteristics of the Redback Boots have also helped reduce your body fatigue and other related back and leg pain. However, they were often used by the police.

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