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You may have seen the Ironman Triathlon series Timex watches and other series that allow pace, speed and distance to be measured in real-time format. If you are wondering how such measurements are possible, it is achieved through the GPS functionality built into these watch designs.

Timex GPS technology

The Timex GPS watches come from different collections. They are associated with various functions and characteristics to make them suitable for different lifestyles and sports activities of men and women. Check out some interesting Timex GPS watch models as shown below.

This GPS Timex watch model has a simplified dialing interface. The distance, the pace or the speed can be measured in real time with these watch models and are of great use to the athletes.

If you need to measure your time and speed as part of your training schedule for triathlon or marathon events, a Timex GS watch is for you. This black and olive green model is a pretty model.

This Ironman triathlon watch is a must have for everyone who trains for triathlon events. It measures time, heart rate, distance and pace using GPS technology.

The Timex Run Trainer series watches feature GPS technology to enable real-time measurement of pace, speed or distance. These watches are the favorites of most runners.

This GPS watch model is part of the Timex Ironman Triathlon series. It not only measures the pace, time and distance, but also the heart rate of the watch wearer.

The fit of each Timex GPS watch is comfortable as shown above. The plastic strap can be adjusted and is water and moisture resistant, making it a convenient accessory when running.

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