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With Timex Indiglo, the company has endeavored to redefine the brand in a new way and at the same time to create parallels with the current social trend.

With the increasing trend to follow fashion and style, sensible clothing has become a necessity. Timex Indiglo is one such variety from Timex that has given way to the style factor of today’s society. It’s something that parallels the company’s prevailing slogan of always staying young and new. It is a product that clearly defines people’s perspective of using clocks not only for time, but also to convey views and attitudes to others. It contributes significantly to its noble design and style without working much on the design aspect. We’ve managed to keep the simplicity at its best.


The functions explain the work done for them.

The watch has a unique design that makes it different in the crowd. Thus, a person wearing it also bears the same definition.

It has a built-in stainless steel case that adds to its durability. In addition, it protects the watch from possible corrosive influences from the environment.

The watch is made of mineral glass, which makes it completely scratch-resistant.

The watch is extremely light and weighs around 50 g.

It is water-repellent and can withstand a pressure of up to 30 m.

A black bracelet ties the watch to the wrist and is skin-friendly.

The black and round dial gives it a classy look.

The hour and minute hands light up for visibility in the dark.

It is equipped with a night light that allows visibility in limited light conditions.

With so many functions in a single watch, Timex Indiglo was able to successfully mark its position in people’s minds, making the company’s move a success.

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