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The Timex brand is popular around the world. Several men, women and teenagers love the watches and features of these watches at unbeatable prices.

About the Ironman series

Timex offers different ranges of watches. The Ironman watch collection offers all the functions that athletes and athletes need. Features include heart rate monitoring, speed, time and distance monitoring of runs or laps, etc. The GPS functionality of these watches helps track such data in real time. See the models listed below for more information.

The GPS functionality of the Ironman watch models shown above helps track the pace of your runs or laps. You can measure the speed of your run as well as the distance covered in real-time format.

This model from the Timex Triathlon series measures the heart rate using the strap that came with the watch. There is also a USB port to charge the watch.

The Ironman Triathlon watch shown above not only has built-in GPS technology for tracking laps and courses in real time, but can also store training and training routes in its memory.

The GPS Ironman watches come with numerous models like the one shown above. It shows the pace of a sporting activity, the heart rate, the distance covered and the time in various formats.

This GPS-enabled watch from the Ironman watch series features a large dial with digital digits for easy reading. The battery life is displayed on the watch face as well as a runner’s heart rate and pace.

This Ironman GPS watch features a consolidated dial with clean lines and digital numbers. The buttons on the side help in selecting items from the menu contained in the watch.

This Timex Ironman series GPS model has the main functions in separate fields on the dial. The split time, distance, pace and heart rate are clearly displayed on the watch face.

The different models of Ironman GPS range are shown above. While all of them track the essential functions of pace, time, distance, and heart rate, the watch face designs and bands are different.

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