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Timex offers a wide range of watches for both men and women. This brand is the most popular in the United States because of the volume of sales.

Watches for fitness freaks

If you are looking for fitness watches to keep track of your laps, time your runs, etc., the Ironman Triathlon series is a great pick. In attractive designs and colors, these watches are also feature-rich. This series of watches is in great demand among sports enthusiasts and athletes. Check out the pictures of the most popular models in this range below.

The Shock watch series of the Ironman Triathlon series deserves special mention. This watch has a practical stopwatch function with large buttons for the stop or reset function.

This robust watch from the Ironman Triathlon series contains the date, time and the stopwatch function with a digital interface. The bright green dial and other features come in handy too.

The digital interface and analog movement are common on most Ironman triathlon watches, as can be seen from the model given above. The buttons are clearly visible and handy on the watch case.

As can be seen from the Ironman Triathlon watch given above, the watches have a timer, date and time function in a digital format. The dials are large and easy to read.

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