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Many may not be aware that the Timex Group is a Dutch company with headquarters in the Netherlands and several regional partners in the US, the Philippines and India. There are several sub-brands of watches and collections in this group, such as the Timex Ironman, Nautica, Opex and others. There are various other brands in the luxury group segment that serve different levels of customers. Timex has been around for several decades and is a globally recognized brand.

Various Timex watches

For an overview of the different Timex watch models, check out the image gallery below.

This is a classic watch design from Timex, a model that has been around for several decades. This watch has a simple design with gold accents on the case, indexes and hands and a leather strap.

For those who like a rugged look, this nylon green strap makes this Timex watch different from others. It also has an hour dial to show the time in 24 hour format.

This Timex watch is part of the intelligent quartz collection. The outer dial has a compass function and temperature graduation on the inner dial. Such functions make this watch unique.

If you love the steel and leather look, choose this unique watch from Timex. It comes with a brown dial and a leather strap. The gray shaded case and the digital interface are unique features of this watch.

For those who want a feature-rich watch, this Technoluxury range of Timex watch offers two sub-dials like a car’s speedometer, plus a compass-like function on the outer dial.

This sporty watch model from Timex offers a bright yellow silicone strap and several functions as sub-dials in the watch. It’s a great watch for athletes and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

This is a classic Timex watch with intelligent quartz technology. Two sub-dials are designed as a car speedometer, with a chronograph function also built into the watch.

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