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The Expedition Expert Timex watch range offers detailed features and functions. The watches focus more on the internal sensors and functions than the external style and design.

What to Expect from the WS4 Series

The Timex WS4 series is part of the Expedition watch collection. These watches have different functions and characteristics. If you are planning on going on an expedition that requires monitoring of temperature, altitude, the time of your walks, and other factors, these watches should be considered. Check out the models listed below to get an idea of ​​them.

This Timex Ws4 watch has a wide, rectangular dial. The buttons and functions on the screen are highlighted in olive green. There are alarm, stopwatch and temperature functions on the dial.

This timex Ws4 series watch is available in a bright orange tone. It is certain to add a pop of color and help with multiple measurements to any expedition wardrobe you are planning.

In the picture above, two models of the Timex Ws4 series are shown. The dials have different shapes. One is a round watch case while the other features a military design that suits men’s diverse preferences.

The Timex Ws4 watch shown above offers various functions and sensors on the widescreen display. In addition to showing the time, it shows the temperature, can predict the weather and even has altimeter functions.

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