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Tufted Headboard

A tufted headboard is a padded headboard. It looks beautiful and adds a lot to the overall picture of the room. One of the amazing things is that the tufted headboards are available in different shapes and sizes. One thing that is required for the tufted headboard is the back piece to which it can be mounted. They match every bed and make it look stylish and elegant. The choice of shape depends on many factors. Below are the most common forms listed. Take a look at everyone and decide what suits you.

Curved tufted headboard:

As the name suggests, the headboard is provided with a curved top line. The pages are straight and accurate. The edge of the upper curve is padded and there are no buttons. The style is a bit traditional, but if you want to make it modern, you can use some high quality rivets and the right kind of fabric.

Square tufted headboard:

Square, tufted headboards are available with straight sides and straight top. The headboard provides a huge area to sit on. The headboard looks elegant, attractive and modern.

High vaulted tufted headboard:

The top line of these headboards is amazing. The tight curves and the rippled top line make it look great. The classic and the elegant look make it look amazing. It's not best for the single beds. They look stunning compared to King Size, Queen Size and the large beds.

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