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Unique Sofa Beds

Unique sofa beds add a touch of Hollywood glamor to your home. Striking is the silver metallic upholstery, which attracts every guest who visits you, in its spell. It is built with a sturdy wooden frame that can hold the weight of 500 pounds. It is well padded with high density foam and has box spring springs for added strength. On the sofa are loose cushions of metallic silver, which provide extra comfort.

A unique sofa bed that looks like a rug but fulfills all functions

This sofa looks like a rug, but it can be used both as a sofa and as a bed. It has tough feet that are cow shaped and strong enough to carry any weight. It is well padded with comfort foam and has wooden panels at the bottom to support the cushions. It is covered with velvet, which is printed like a cowhide. If an unexpected guest stays overnight, it is convenient to convert to a bed and be offered as a bed within a few seconds. This unique design is not very common among sofas.

Unique sofa bed that converts into two beds for sleeping

The sofa bed is a beautiful sofa with a sturdy frame that is padded with high density foam for both the seat and the backrest to ensure a comfortable seating arrangement. The two pillows in the back are loosely placed together with the pillows on both sides. The seat cushion is also loosely attached. This unit can be converted into two single beds within seconds with a wooden slatted frame.

A unique sofa bed for a contemporary look

Sofa beds make small rooms comfortable with their double functions. With the sofa bed you can sit back or sleep comfortably. It is well padded with high density foam that provides an atmosphere for sleeping. Each time an uninvited guest stays overnight, this sofa can be used as a bed within seconds.

If you want a unique sofa bed, choose the best pattern to meet all your needs.

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