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There are several watch collections from the Seiko brand that differ. This Japanese watch company is known for making watches for several decades and having mastered this technology.

Seiko watches of vintage value

If you love the old-fashioned look and retro technology that the watches from the earlier brands are equipped with, go for the vintage watch collection from Seiko. From such a range of watches there are different watch models. You will surely love the timepieces in such a collection. Many also show different movements and chronograph features.

This particular watch among the Seiko vintage watches has a white dial in which the two sub-dials are blue and next to the date window, the seconds and minutes functions are displayed.

This is an old fashioned model from Seiko where the watch has a round, square case with a round dial inside the watch. The leather strap gives the watch a vintage look.

Go for this gold watch design with a clear sapphire crystal dial, sword-shaped dials and indexes. The movement differs in such a watch design.

This vintage watch model from Seiko offers a colorful outer dial in blue and red and a gold dial surface. The date window is located on the dial together with a stainless steel bracelet.

These vintage watch models from Seiko come with clearly weathered leather straps. The sapphire crystal watch surfaces have a distinct sheen and an old-fashioned look that is sure to appeal to many.

This is a novel watch that has a distinct green dial. The sub-dials show the time in fractions of seconds and minutes. The chronograph is advanced and makes it a vintage masterpiece.

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