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Wall Décor Ideas

There are many ways to lighten a room, but there is no less costly way to attach it than a wall decoration. Simple designs and colors can lighten the mood of a room and do not have to be very expensive! Here are some simple, inexpensive wall decor ideas to bring your walls to life:

Choosing a wallpaper design can be time-consuming (and sometimes frustrating). Make a wallpaper into a wallpaper instead. All you need is a fabric of your choice, fabric thickness and a paint roller. Hang your fabric against the wall, apply the starch to the wall with the roller and smooth the fabric against the wall. Once done, use the roller to apply fabric thickness to the front of your fabric until it's saturated and voila!

Do you feel artistically? Use a paint pen and a projector to create any pattern or design on your accent wall. Project the image to the desired location on the wall and fill in the design with pens.

If you are more interested in patterns and shapes, you can do wonders with ribbons and drawing pins. You can even use stencils to create symmetric patterns.

Shapes can also be stamped. Use an X-Acto knife to cut foam molds. Dip these shapes in paint and stamp away!

Grasscloth is an expensive option for the walls. You can, however, create the texture with the help of a simple broom. Apply a coat of paint on the wall and pull the broom through the damp paint. Make sure that the lines are as straight and horizontal as possible. Let the paint dry, then apply a second coat, repeating the process. The result is a subtle, sophisticated texture that looks amazing like a grass cover.

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